Get Local Media

We need to spread this simple truth: the US Chamber doesn’t speak for the vast majority of businesses in America who support action on climate and clean energy.

We don’t have a fancy Public Relations team like the US Chamber, so we’re going to need to work together to get the story out. The steps below will show you how to work with business owners in your community to reach the media.  Together, we can expose the US Chamber of Commerce as a dirty industry front group and build a new voice for local businesses across America.

6 Easy Steps to Getting Local Media

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1. Create Your Local Story

2. Practice Your US Chamber Talking Points

3. Write Letters to the Editor and Opeds

4. Develop a Local Media List and Contact Reporters

5. Keep the Story Going

6. Report Your Coverage and Contact Us


The following resources will be coming soon …

1. Complete Guide to Getting Local Media Coverage

2. Sample Press Releases

  • Launch of Local Chamber Campaign
  • Local Businesses Join Campaign
  • Local Chamber Breaks with US Chamber of Commerce

3. Sample LTE

4. Sample Oped

5. Talking Points Sheet

6. Spreadsheets

  • Spreadsheet for Local Businesses
  • Spreadsheet for Media Contacts