Google, Don’t be Evil

Politico recently reported that Google is seriously considering quitting the U.S. Chamber, and we’ve partnered with SumOfUs—a new project working to give consumers a voice in corporate decisions—to help nudge them over the edge. They’ve created a platform that will enable individuals to vote on why they think Google should quit—check it out here, cast your vote(s), and SumOfUs will make sure that your responses are heard loud and clear.

Google’s unofficial motto is “Don’t be Evil”, and they work hard to live up to that standard. However, being a dues paying member of the U.S. Chamber—a corporate lobbying institution that is fighting to censor the internet and delegitimize the climate crisis, among dozens of other offenses—poses a major contradiction to their socially progressive corporate image.

Please cast your votes and help us convince Google to join the ranks of many other major companies that have already recognized that being associated with the U.S. Chamber is toxic—winning this fight will be another serious blow to its national credibility and lobbying power in Washington DC.